September 3, 2009

Getting foxed, again

foxy digitalis says nice things about Parade Room, here...

August 7, 2009

Evils Discount at INSOUND

The good folks at Insound are offering a 10% discount on Regine Flory (CD) (LP) and Parade Room through Sept. 5, so go forth, as Tony Wilson wouldn't say, and buy them. And when you do, use coupon code wonderfulevils10

July 10, 2009


Evils goods now distributed through CTD/Saki...

May 26, 2009


in nyc you can get both parade room and regine flory from the excellent brooklyn academy records annex.

February 27, 2009

Parade Room

2nd These Wonderful Evils LP "Parade Room" now out. Vinyl only pressing of 504 numbered...

Volcanic Tongue says...
Second private press LP from Zak Boerger’s These Wonderful Evils, whose first out-of-nowhere album was a beautiful reconciliation of modern basements modes, classic psych/rock and acoustic mesmerism. Parade Room features one side of shorter songs and instrumentals that combine drugged vocals with Six Organs-style acoustic ragas, Spacemen 3-esque repeat-fuzz jams and classic postcard from the edge atmospherics and a flip based around one magnificent side-long suite that crunches distorto-chords with lucid, airy acoustic sequences that make it sound like a less cassette-specific rethink of the pastoral violence of some of the best singer/songwriter sides issued by Xpressway. Hand-numbered edition of 504 copies. Dedicated to John Martyn and Ron Asheton. Recommended."

And from Boa Melody Bar...
"Stunning follow-up to These Wonderful Evil's amazing debut "Regine Flory". Solo project of Zak Boerger, the sound recalls Alastair Galbraith / Peter Jefferies with extended ragged ballads, a psychedelic feel and oodles of fuzz. Add to that some Flying Saucer Attack moments with folky acoustic guitar awash with swirls of feedback. Add to that a real outsider / loner feel and you have another great album."