February 5, 2012

Getting Demonized

So sayith Fuck You, Counselor,

"Maybe it's the disembodied whisper of the Suni McGrath record [I just bought] from the other room, but this plopped down in comfort county, hat back and feet up. Go ahead, get acquainted! Working with a measly edition of 200[-ish], These Wonderful Evils (one Z. Boerger) continue the odd but commendable plight of linking the Takoma legacy of modal/eastern takes on Americana (& all the gravy that's come to entail) with the kind of wobbly, time-smushing crumb of latter-day Japanese psych. To think: somebody beat Higgs to it! But I don't wanna couch this anywhere it ain't comfy. I'd believe just about any story one could devise about this act: a lost LSD-March LP, a Rock Critics side project overseen by Dave Brock, or even something to spill out of the extended Residual Echoes convoy. Fire away. Sense is to be made, not found."

February 3, 2012

Getting Singled

Nice review from the erudite Mr Bill Meyer.

"There was once a swell electronic band in Chicago called I ♥ Presets. These Wonderful Evils is the one man band of Zak Boerger, former Chicagoan, who has nothing to do with I ♥ Presets, but who seems pretty comfortable with preset drum machine rhythms. Since he likes his drum machines best if they’re old enough to run for president, this predilection is not at all problematic, but brings some pleasant baggage. Whenever his beat box starts sputtering like a tango in a pint-sized milk carton, I start thinking about Eno ca. Another Green World, and that’s a pretty quick way to start smiling. The drum machine only stands out because rest of the instruments on this record are guitars; clean and suspended, grimy and distorted, always waving like a siren from the far side of a rainbow of reverb. Although the music is entirely instrumental and the tracks are long, they get to the point in a way that’s pretty satisfying. Hefty pressing on variably colored vinyl (mine is swirly rose), and different sources assert a pressing size of 200, 205, or 208; choose your truth."